Chase Impossible Goals with Our Analytical Software

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Setting goals is not a new thing for any business, but how you achieve these goals is significant. Any organization can meet its short term as well as long term sales and marketing milestones when the strategy and its execution walk hand in hand. The age old practice of measuring the productivity on a manual basis, (which is often more biased and less result oriented) is more or less phased out. Taking its place is the technological brilliance of TimeChart that provides incredible value add to your bottom lines by inducing productivity, punctuality, and promptness.

Our tech solution provides a full stack of analytical tools to assist in your sales and marketing function. As you walk through every task and its implementation, you can see the number of hours each team member is putting in to achieve these common goals to propel your business.

How Timechart can bring dynamic improvement in your business?

Through its simple and user friendly interface, Timechart allows each and every staff member of yours to fill in daily timesheets. Here, a brief record about number of hours worked, the task performed, name of the person for whom the task was done and name of the senior person who delegated the task is clearly mentioned. This record is daily updated and whenever required, it can be extracted in the form of interactive reports. These reports give a clear perspective about achieved goals and the productivity of a specific employee working under sales and marketing campaigns.

Below are some distinct benefits that come with this software-

  • Timechart lets you analyze your organizational productivity:

    Sales and marketing, both are quantitative operations. After all, the main motto of these operations is to improve on sales which later on transforms into achieving goodwill and a positive brand value in the eyes of your consumers. You can monitor the productivity of your sales and marketing teams through detailed reports based on employee productivity and team productivity.

  • You can make changes to the current sales and marketing methodology:

    If you are not satisfied with the current methodology, you can make immediate modifications to improve on productivity and swap job roles among your salesforce and marketing professionals.

  • Future campaigns becomes more focused:

    With measurable data in hands, you get the power and the insights to design strategic campaigns to improve upon the sales and marketing operations for your business.

  • You can set clear goals and assign number of hours for every employee:

    You can delegate achievable targets keeping in mind the special capabilities of your key team players. Employees involved in sales and marketing campaigns can be assigned more specific job roles that could be analyzed over a set time frame.

  • Individual contribution can be better managed:

    Using a software like Timechart removes chances of biased judgment. Better clarity is achieved when it comes to measuring employee performance. The human resources within an organization can be smartly managed when quantitative stats and hard data are available.

Say goodbye to uncertainty and welcome productivity into your enterprise structure with TimeChart. Call us to know how we can add value to your sales and marketing team with TimeChart.

Achieve Better Productivity While Working With Your In House Staff

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Businesses have always depended on their in-house staff for performing business operations. Although a majority of this workforce performs sitting behind their office kiosks, other than these, there are job responsibilities that require employees to go out on physical locations for fieldwork and execute business operations for their organizations.

The interlocking hierarchy and ambiguity in responsibility and reporting structure, makes it challenging for an employee to perform at full potential. However, when there is clarity of role and a clear data about every employee’s productivity can be extracted in near real time, this difficult task becomes a breeze. And this is the exact value proposition offered by Timechart – your very own productivity accelerant.

How TimeChart boosts productivity?

This easy to install TimeChart software brings immense benefits for businesses as well as employees, depending on the structure of your organization and the type of projects undertaken. If your business is concerned with a service or solution catering to versatile job roles, Timechart can ensure that your growth remains unfazed even during tough times.

Some distinct advantages of this software for your in house staff comprise

  • Better delegation of job roles:

    When each and every employee has to perform a different yet specific job role, the set guidelines and clarity on the job role helps a lot. Each one of them gets a clear perspective on their duties and roles concerning the in house operation or the field work.

  • Better assignment of responsibility:

    Clarity of job role automatically translates into better understanding of responsibility among your employees. There is no need to repeat the same thing twice as they recognize their duties very well.

  • Clear insights about productive hours:

    Through a dedicated time reporting software like Timechart, a better idea about the employee productivity can be gained. The analytical reports will be free of biased judgments and will only rely on the data being fed into the software.

  • Measurable project results:

    Once you have insightful stats in your hands, you can check whether your project is going in the right direction. If required, amendments can be done firsthand to improve the same.

  • Transparency about out of pocket expenses:

    Businesses often hire employees that are required to perform field jobs. Such jobs require out of pocket expenses which are later on reimbursed by the employer. Through a Timechart software, the information about such expenses can be easily reported to the senior authorities which can be reimbursed later on. It will also assist businesses in keeping a close check on the budget constraints.

  • Transparency in reporting to senior officer:

    Employees working on their desks can easily convey their daily work report to their seniors, but this becomes difficult for those going out to physical locations. When a system like Timechart is in place, every employee can fill in their daily work report into it from anywhere. It also ensures that their job is being acknowledged by their supervisors.

If you are interested in gaining better control over your in-house and field staff then TimeChart is the best way to track their productivity and assess their performance as per the degree of value they add to your business objectives.

TimeChart for Organizing Your Backend Business Operations

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The boom in outsourcing and service industry is supported on the back front with dependable operations like cold calling and data center type of business settings. It is only because of a reliable data support and responsive calling that businesses are able to flourish and maintain their business growth models. Imagine an organization where these tasks are manually done; naturally the follow-up and the methodology will require more manual labor and more human resource. With TimeChart, a high performing time calculating software, managing these backend business processes becomes a smooth operation sans the hassles.

TimeChart provides immense gains to your backend operations in the below ways-

  • Clean reporting:

    Businesses have a complete set of teams that are dedicated to cold calling process. A large number of employees can log on to their virtual desks and enter the time allocated to their jobs in terms of hours. This way, not only is their attendance ensured but it also removes the need for manual reporting which could be at times, filled with errors and manipulation. Through this software, employees get the comfort of clean reporting.

  • Effective results:

    With hands on software for organizing details, backend staff can fill in relevant details like name of the person, contact number, preference, and additional comments, if any. This helps the employees perform their calling tasks efficiently. One more advantage of this software is that any person can switch into another’s role with perfect support provided by the organized data support.

  • Ease of analysis:

    When every channel of information is properly managed, the result can be assessed easily for insightful decision making. At the end of the day or a weekday, the data can be analyzed to get effective insights about the process outcome. This further gives senior or middle-level management an easy tool for analyzing the performance of their staff members.

  • Effortless follow-up:

    Staff members calling from backend are often lost in the heaps of data that goes before their eyes every day. When this data is being fed into the TimeChart software, a clean and managed look is achieved and the information is always accessible when it is needed the most. Instead of searching for the details all around, the staff can directly start their work with organized information displayed by the software.

  • Flawless performance monitoring:

    It is almost impossible to keep a check on the individual productivity of each and every staff member. Performance monitoring becomes convenient with the seamless interface of TimeChart software. Managers can get a complete hold on the productivity of their employees and make changes and tweaks as required for achieving their business goals.

  • Zero errors and better accuracy:

    The support of a backend software ensures that human errors are minimized and more accuracy is achieved when it comes to managing organizational data. This raw data could be further analyzed and used as insightful reports that play a dynamic role in decision making within any organization.

Bolster your backend operations and convert more calls into business leads with the TimeChart software.

Become A Resourceful business With The TimeChart Resource Management Tools

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One thing that bothers all businesses is – managing their staff’s attendance minus the human bias. As the number of employees and branches within an organization increases, the complexity keeps on increasing exponentially, and attendance management becomes an annoying manual work for the human resource department. With loads of productive energy being wasted in this repetitive and nonproductive work at the very start of a business day leaves staff within your organization with an annoying mindset. Not to forget the consequences and personal differences arising due to favoritism in the attendance and reporting for some and negligence shown to others.

TimeChart Assures Convenient Attendance Management

With the inclusion of smart employee attendance software called TimeChart, daily employee attendance will become an easy task. Working through a phone based attendance protocol, this software recognizes employee’s location and keeps track of his working hours. When you invest in an intelligent software like TimeChart for managing your human resources work, you assure steady growth and obstacle free daily operations for your organization.

How TimeChart helps Human Resource Managers?

People managing the human resource of your organization deserve the comfort of working conveniently and are required to maintain employee data in an organized manner so that it can be retrieved as and when required.

The list of benefits it brings to the department is very long but here are a few to get you started.-

  • It ensures sound data management:

    Professionals working on the desk of human resource department deal with a lot of sensitive and personal information on daily basis. When this information is stored in paper files, manual errors do surface. But with supporting systems like TimeChart, things can be managed smartly, in less time and more confidently.

  • Protects organizational data in form of digital files:

    Accidental fires, natural calamities, and other man-made disasters can cause serious threat to your organizational data. When this data is on paper, it is always prone to get damaged from accidents. Digitization of organizational data through TimeChart ensures that it is safe and a backup is always handy even when the main files have been lost or stolen.

  • Removes the need for maintaining heaps of paper files:

    Bundles of paper files that are conventionally being used to maintain and store the employee records require considerable budget, manpower, and physical space. When digital files are maintained by your human resource managers, there is less expenditure on data maintenance, no need of physical space and it can be easily done with lower manpower and cost overheads.

  • Gives powerful support to your human resource:

    Your human resource professionals become able to perform a variety of tasks when they have support in the form of a reliable TimeChart software. They can manage daily jobs via this software very easily and focus on other productive jobs for their remaining productive hours. This seamlessly translates into increased efficiency and high business opportunities for your business.

Let’s come together and develop a flawless human resource management system and a convenient attendance managing platform for your unique business requirements in UAE with TimeChart.

Accomplish Strategic Goals Working In Collaboration With Your Outdoor Employees

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Managing employees outside the office premises is a difficult task. If your business deals with off roll employees such as part-time service providers, consultants, architects, vendors, and even drivers etc., you will agree that it takes a lot of time and effort on the part of management to align their costs to efforts put in, and assess expected vs. actual outcomes. These issues can be easily managed with our time-tested time management software, TimeChart. It brings the right stack of tools for your business coupled with a convenient interface to record the time and the job performed by your outdoor employees. It gives a better view of their productivity and brings in more clarity about their contribution to your outdoor business projects.

How TimeChart Caters To Record Keeping For Off Roll Employees?

Through the innovative approach and seamless interface of this software, your outdoor employees can easily fill in details about the work done and time taken against their daily work report. Their work often requires longer hours invested in on site visits and market research. In case of drivers, the work is often fragmented, so a record preserved through TimeChart helps in getting a clear picture of their productive hours.

Why TimeChart Is Advantageous For Your Business?

No matter to which services or solution domain your business belongs to, there are ample reasons to support fruitful results of TimeChart for your organization.

Get a clear picture on this below-

  • Transparency in billing and reporting:

    Due to inconsistent working hours, the manual reporting done by outdoor employees brings in an ambiguous picture of their productivity. With the convenient TimeChart interface, a better record of chargeable hours and the productive work performed can be maintained. This information can be further utilized for analytical purpose and for calculating chargeable hours in the month’s payroll processing.

  • Better hold on project costing:

    Due to a clear picture gained through TimeChart report, it becomes convenient for your business to calculate budget constraints concerning your business projects. The small and frequent number of chargeable hours could be grouped together at the end of the day through this software. At the month-end, payroll processing can be done effortlessly on the basis of this data.

  • Clear idea about outdoor employee’s productivity:

    When employees working on outside locales report their work details, it is not always clear to the managers how many hours have been spent in which work. Due to a clear and concise reporting software like TimeChart, accurate information can be fed into the company server and it is available anytime without the requirement of being physically available for reporting at the day end.

  • Effective monitoring of the outdoor resources:

    The phone-based monitoring software helps in locating outdoor employees thanks to its location-tracking feature. Organizations can keep track of significant moves by their outdoor staff. Without having to accompany them at every location, managers get a clear picture of their work day right on their laptop or smartphone screen.

Remove ambiguity from your business and utilize your outdoor employees to their full potential – Call us and get a brief presentation on the value potential of TimeChart for your organization.